Inspiring Adults

Muslim women retreat

Volunteers are the backbone of grassroots provisions and often are the lynchpin for activities that young people, especially those living in areas of multiple deprivation, access.

As we seek to broach the link between national organisations and grassroots communities one of our key focuses is to empower the adults already working in these communities. Through our historical work, we aware that local volunteers are extremely passionate about the areas they are supporting but are often inexperienced and unable to fully deliver the programmes they set out to do.  In addition, many of these adult volunteers have never had the opportunity to experience the outdoors and adventurous activities themselves so the focus is to allow them to have these opportunities now.

Our adult programme aims to inspire and empower and we are aiming to create a new style of support which 

  • skills adult volunteers to undertake their roles
  • create a community of likeminded adults to support on their volunteer journeys
  • opportunities for adults to develop their own experiences, personal development and allow them to enjoy the outdoors and adventurous activities as participants 
With this in mind, this November we are bringing together female adult volunteers for a weekend of fun, adventurous activities and sisterhood in the great outdoors.  We will be taking over the YHA in north Wales and have ajmpacked programme supporting the adult volunteers on their journeys, creamy strong bonds and networks over the country and empowering women from diverse communities in the outdoor space!

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