A Cubs Code-tastic Day  

On 24th September, in the incredible British Muslim Heritage Centre, Equalinks hosted 130 Cubs from a number of predominately Muslim Scout groups in the North and Midlands. Young people from 1V Scouts, BMHC Scouts, 1st Longford, 58Th Walsall, 51st Pellon, 10th Fulwood and 11th West Bridgeford has a code-tactic day. Working with the RAF STEM team and Hyett Education, the cubs had a wonderful session coding robots over a few hours. Working in groups of 3, cubs from 7 different groups firstly made robots using lego and then coding their newly formed robots to navigate various pathways either in “space” or over desert terrain.

The aim of Equalinks is to allow young people to access new opportunities and showcasing the plethora of opportunities that are available for them and there is no better way then

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