Our Vision / Story

Our Vision

Nature. The outdoors. Families together. Smiling children. Campfires, Star Speckled Sky. Sunshine (maybe that’s asking for a little too much)

Our story

Growing up in the 80s, summers were filled with adventures, gardens, ladybirds and bugs (which we avoided!) and the outdoors!  The sun seemed to shine more and despite not having much we had something priceless.

Fast forward to 2022 and the world as we know it has changed so we need to bring some of the olden day charm, fun and adventure back into the lives of our community!

Family Festivals are a thing we did with our children since they were young (our youngest was 6 months when we did our first one!).  Yet there was a huge gap in the market with the needs of one of the fastest growing communities in the UK not being met through mainstream provisions.  As a result, for years Muslim families have not been able to enjoy the joys that camping, nature and the outdoors brings to family adventures!

The sunnah of camping has been lost for so many of us and yet was one of the activities often undertaken by the Prophet and his companions.  So, what better way to celebrate all that is good in our community than by reviving one of the lost sunnahs.

We often get asked…What do need to bring for Camp? How do you cook outdoors? What activities can you do with kids? These are all the questions that are continually asked… so we decided to help families get the full experience without worrying about all the finer details.

Introducing…. For Earth’s Sake

So, we decided to put together our love for all things camping, scouts and outdoors and bring “For Earth’s Sake” to the community! All activities, food and health and safety assessments are all sorted.  We’ve even tried to help families by limiting them having to invest in to much gear by having ample bunkbeds and indoor accommodations available!

So come and join the adventure