Youth Camp : Inspiring & Empowering Future Generations

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In October 2022, Equalinks will be holding its first youth camp. Part of our mission is to empower and inspire future generations by breaking down barriers, providing equitable solutions and ensuring that change actually happens and not just “talked about”.

Over the 2 night camp, there will nearly 80 young people from all over England taking part in a number of Outdoor activities, learning Skills for Life and building friendship networks from across the country. The aim of the camp is to inspire the attendees by showcasing “people who look like them” who are leading the change in the outdoors communities.

Young people will learn cooking outdoors and tradition bush scout skills equipping them with the ability to provide for themselves in the great outdoors.  There will be plenty of opportunities to get on the water but the focus is on the well-roundedness of the future generations so focusing on their spiritual and personal development is also a key focus in the camp.

In addition to inspiring young people, we are acutely aware that change can only happen when the projects are led by skilled and confident adult leaders.  A focus of the camp will be enabling the participating adults to get hands on, learn practical skills and be able to use these newly acquired skills back in their communities.


Book tickets at https://buytickets.at/equalinkscic/765289

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